Nick Dougherty



The Number One Picture


Di and I at our wedding in St Andrews on New year's Eve 2010





Pics from my working holiday

Di and I took a week off to visit Tenerife but it wasn't just a holiday trip. My priority had to be hitting balls again after fracturing two bones in my right hand and fortunately the Island's wonderful Abama Resort let me use their facilities in return for giving a clinic to their members.

(Pictures courtesy Sir Old Golfer - thanks Bill)


But I was able to get a lot of work done in preparation for returning to action at the Sicilian Open








And look cool at the same time




And to get Di into one of the pics



Once back home though I went up to Harrods in London to promote the world's most expensive putter.

Priced at a cool £100,000 it is an Odyssey 2-Ball crafted by British jeweller Theo Fennell  and comes complete with an

18-carat white gold head inset with 240 rubies and 378 diamonds. I regard my Odyssey putter as the most precious product

in my golf bag, but this specially commissioned 2-Ball takes things to a completely new level!

I can recall when the first 2-Ball putter was introduced on Tour back in 2001 – and how it went

on to take the professional and amateur games by storm. I can think of no better way to celebrate

its impact on so many golfers’ scores, including my own, than by creating a one-off like this.